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Special Offer for the New Year

15% Discount

on all group courses starting in January and February 2020

Enroll in a small or mini group course by 10 January 2020 and save 15% on the cost of the course!

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Tutoring und preparation for Gymnasium

Tutoring on all levels in maths, German, French and English. Further subjects upon request.

Get prepared for the Gymnasium, BMS, DMS- and KME-admission exams.

Leg Up

La vida en Suiza

Living la vida en Suiza

Practical information and adventures of a Spaniard living in Switzerland.

La Vida en Suiza


Photography and Photography courses

Photo shootings, event photography, video production, business, commercial and CV photography and photography courses


Arabic Winterthur

Arabic courses, Arabian courses, philosophy and much more...

Arabic Winterthur

Doctor Jazz

Arrangements, teaching, Gigs and much more.

Doctor Jazz

Ojo de Lobo

Mezcal from Oaxaca.

Ojo de Lobo
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